Leadership That Delivers

South Windsor Mill Rates

Mill Rates by Administration, Last Decade

South Windsor Democrats Deliver for Taxpayers

  • Passed the lowest tax increase in 8 years and lowest mill rate increase in over 10 years. Now that’s progress!
  • Passed prudent BOE budgets which fund strategic initiatives while keeping costs managed responsibly.
  • Oversaw huge expansion of our commercial base through economic development efforts — from Coca-Cola and Costco to Aldi’s and housing at Evergreen Walk.
  • Approved a Fair Housing Policy for South Windsor.
  • Preserved 50 acres of farmland, a $2 million open space fund, and secured land for Pleasant Valley School.
  • Approved the Complete Streets project to improve intersection of Sullivan Avenue and Buckland Road.
  • Continued significant progress on construction of new Elementary Schools.
  • Helped homeowners with crumbling foundations through tax abatements.
  • Established the Tax Abatement program for members of the South Windsor Fire Department.
  • Invested in our infrastructure by dedicating $15 million to roads and sidewalks
  • Helped create the first Solar Farm in South Windsor, with 8,500 panels generating 3.6 million KWH each year.
  • Implemented the long-desired World Language Program in Elementary Schools.
  • Established the Tax Stabilization Fund through town ordinance
  • Increased student and school safety.
  • Expanded and improved the Senior Property Tax Program.