Speak Up for Health Care

Speak Up for Health Care

The legislature is hosting an important public hearing this week – and we really need your help! Please forward this information to your DTC membership list. You will also see social media messaging for your DTC and personal sites.

Here’s the urgent issue:


The legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee is holding a public hearing at 12 noon this Thursday on Senate Bill 346: An Act Concerning Public Options for Health Care in Connecticut. This legislation would create “The Connecticut Plan,” a program that would allow small businesses, nonprofits, union Taft-Hartley Plans and individuals with no workplace insurance access to buy into a variety of plan choices offered by the state.

This plan is not talking about free health care, or a government takeover of an industry, even if that’s what the high-dollar advertising campaigns will surely allege – we are simply talking about allowing others to buy, purchase, pay for ACCESS to the state health plan, just as legislators and every other state elected official has access to.

Basic fairness demands that – for the sake of workers, businesses and our entire economy – that we ensure access to affordable quality-focused health plans (health plans; not just insurance plans).

Private special interests – led by powerful corporations that do not even offer insurance to small businesses or nonprofits – are already launching a massive misinformation campaign to block this measure. Fighting back will require that we all work together in coalition!

WHERE: Legislative Office Building, ROOM 2E, HARTFORD



Are you a worker, small business owner/manager, nonprofit manager or someone with a story to share about your struggle to afford quality health care coverage? Has your lack of access to affordable or quality health care (due to high-deductibles or other issues) compromised your health or someone you know? Your story matters! Your story could compel change!

  • If you – or someone you know – has a story to share, let us know! Email us here at CTPlan@ct.gov.
  • If you can, please attend Thursday’s public hearing!
  • If you can’t attend Thursday’s public hearing, email your testimony/personal story in support of Senate Bill 346 to this address: InsTestimony@cga.ct.gov
  • Share this information with every person or small business/nonprofit that you know in your town or city!
  • Included at the bottom of this email are images and materials that can be shared on your social media. Please share!!!


More details – and how you can help – are available online at: TheConnecticutPlan.com.

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