Where to Vote in South Windsor

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022

South Windsor voting locations are listed below.

For more information on districts and voter registration,
please visit https://www.southwindsor-ct.gov/registrar

Voting Locations by District

Browse the list below or start typing in the search box the name of the street you live on to confirm your voting district and polling location.

Polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM.

StreetDistrictVoting Location
Laurel Lane (Pvt)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Abar Lane2Eli Terry School
Laurel Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Abbe Road2Eli Terry School
Lavender Lane3South Windsor High School
Abbe Road Extension3South Windsor High School
Lawrence Road4Philip R. Smith School
Ahern Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Leah Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Alexander Place2Eli Terry School
Lefoll Boulevard (Even 2-230)1Pleasant Valley School
Alison Drive2Eli Terry School
Lefoll Boulevard ( Even 234 to end)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Allen Drive3South Windsor High School
Lefoll Boulevard (Odd, 240-280)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Alpine Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Lexie Lane3South Windsor High School
Amaryllis Lane3South Windsor High School
Lewis Drive2Eli Terry School
Amato Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Linda Lane2Eli Terry School
Andmar Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Lipman Drive3South Windsor High School
Andreis Trail3South Windsor High School
Lisa Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Andrews Way3South Windsor High School
Locust Street3South Windsor High School
Ann Road2Eli Terry School
Long Hill Road1Pleasant Valley School
Apple Orchard Lane2Eli Terry School
Loomis Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Apple Tree Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Loon Place3South Windsor High School
Arnold Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Madison Way4Philip R. Smith School
Aroda Drive2Eli Terry School
Main Street (1-793)1Pleasant Valley School
Arrowwood Circle3South Windsor High School
Main Street (794-1862)3South Windsor High School
Arthur Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Main Street (1863-end)2Eli Terry School
Ash Road3South Windsor High School
Majus Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Austin Circle5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Mallard Place3South Windsor High School
Autumn Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Manor Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Avery Street (165 - 656)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Maple Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Avery Street (657 - end)4Philip R. Smith School
Mara Trail4Philip R. Smith School
Avonwood Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Margaret Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Ayers Road3South Windsor High School
Marilyn Road3South Windsor High School
Bailey Circle3South Windsor High School
Mark Drive3South Windsor High School
Baker Lane3South Windsor High School
Marty Lane1Pleasant Valley School
Balsam Fir Road2Eli Terry School
Mascolo Road (Industrial)3South Windsor High School
Bancroft Lane3South Windsor High School
Maskel Road2Eli Terry School
Barbara Road3South Windsor High School
Mcgrath Road2Eli Terry School
Barber Hill Road2Eli Terry School
Mcguire Road1Pleasant Valley School
Bayberry Trail5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Meadow Road2Eli Terry School
Beechnut Lane3South Windsor High School
Meryl Road2Eli Terry School
Beechwood Lane3South Windsor High School
Mill Pond Drive3South Windsor High School
Beelzebub Road4Philip R. Smith School
Miller Road3South Windsor High School
Beldon Road3South Windsor High School
Misty Meadow Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Benedict Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Mohegan Trail5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Benjamin Way2Eli Terry School
Morgan Farms Drive2Eli Terry School
Berle Road3South Windsor High School
Mountain Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Berry Patch5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Mountain View Road3South Windsor High School
Betty Drive (Odd)1Pleasant Valley School
Murielle Drive1Pleasant Valley School
B Etty Drive (Even)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Murray Road4Philip R. Smith School
Bidwell Road3South Windsor High School
Myette Way (Commercial)3South Windsor High School
Birch Hill Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Nancy Drive1Pleasant Valley School
Birch Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Natsisky Farm Road4Philip R. Smith School
Bissell Court2Eli Terry School
Nature’S Way2Eli Terry School
Bittersweet Lane3South Windsor High School
Nevers Road (1-411)3South Windsor High School
Blue Ridge Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Nevers Road (412-end)2Eli Terry School
Blue Spruce Road2Eli Terry School
Newberry Road3South Windsor High School
Blueberry Circle2Eli Terry School
Newmarker Road4Philip R. Smith School
Bourbon Street3South Windsor High School
Niederwerfer Road (1-55)4Philip R. Smith School
Bramblebrae3South Windsor High School
Niederwerfer Road (56-end)2Eli Terry School
Breezy Hill Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Norma Road2Eli Terry School
Brent Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Norman Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Brewster Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
North King Street1Pleasant Valley School
Brian Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Northview Drive3South Windsor High School
Bridle Wood Road3South Windsor High School
Norton Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Brightman Circle3South Windsor High School
Oak Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Broadleaf Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Oakland Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Brook Street2Eli Terry School
Oakwood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Brookfield Street2Eli Terry School
Old Farm Road2Eli Terry School
Brookhaven Lane3South Windsor High School
Old Parish Drive3South Windsor High School
Buckland Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Orchard Hill Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Burgess Road3South Windsor High School
Ordway Drive3South Windsor High School
Burnham Street1Pleasant Valley School
Osprey Circle3South Windsor High School
Cadbury Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Overlook Road2Eli Terry School
Calla Lily Lane3South Windsor High School
Oxbow Lane3South Windsor High School
Cambridge Drive2Eli Terry School
Oxford Drive3South Windsor High School
Candlewood Drive3South Windsor High School
Palmer Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cardinal Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Pam Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Carey Lane1Pleasant Valley School
Paper Chase4Philip R. Smith School
Carman Road (06040)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Parkview Drive1Pleasant Valley School
Carriage Drive3South Windsor High School
Partridge Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Carson Way4Philip R. Smith School
Patria Road (Industrial)2Eli Terry School
Case Hill Circle3South Windsor High School
Peach Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Castlewood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Peach Tree Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cedar Avenue (Industrial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Peachbrooke Drive3South Windsor High School
Chandler Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Pear Tree Lane2Eli Terry School
Chapel Road *(1 - 795 ) *430 St Marc Circle1Pleasant Valley School
Pepperbush Way3South Windsor High School
Chapel Road (796 - end)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Peppin Place3South Windsor High School
Chapin Street2Eli Terry School
Perrin Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Chapman Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Petersen Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Charing Road4Philip R. Smith School
Pheasant Way4Philip R. Smith School
Charlie Circle3South Windsor High School
Pierce Road3South Windsor High School
Chase Farm Road2Eli Terry School
Pine Knob Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Chatham Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Pine Knob Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Cherry Blossom Lane2Eli Terry School
Pine Tree Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cheshire Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Pintail Circle3South Windsor High School
Chief Ryan Way3South Windsor High School
Pleasant Valley Road (1-817 Odd)1Pleasant Valley School
Christine Lane3South Windsor High School
Pleasant Valley Road (2-664 Even)3South Windsor High School
Church Way3South Windsor High School
Pleasant Valley Road (666 to end, Even)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cinnamon Springs 1100 Pv Rd5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Pleasant Valley Road (819 to end, Odd) Includes 1100 Cinnamon Springs5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cityview Terrace3South Windsor High School
Plum Lane2Eli Terry School
Clark Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Podunk Circle3South Windsor High School
Clearview Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Pond Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Cliffwood Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Poplar Drive3South Windsor High School
Clinton Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Porter Green5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Clover Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Quail Run4Philip R. Smith School
Cody Circle3South Windsor High School
Quarry Brook Drive3South Windsor High School
Collins Crossing3South Windsor High School
Rainbow Trail5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Collins Lane3South Windsor High School
Ravine Road3South Windsor High School
Colony Road3South Windsor High School
Raymond Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Commerce Way (Industrial)2Eli Terry School
Red Rock Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Community Road3South Windsor High School
Ridge Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Concord Road (06040)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Ridgefield Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Connecticut Ave (Industrial)3South Windsor High School
Rimfield Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Copper Ridge1Pleasant Valley School
Riverside Drive2Eli Terry School
Corneau Way (Industrial)1Pleasant Valley School
Riverview Drive3South Windsor High School
Cornerstone Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Robert Drive2Eli Terry School
Cornfield Drive2Eli Terry School
Robins' Wood Way3South Windsor High School
Country View Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Rockledge Drive2Eli Terry School
Croft Drive (Commercial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Rockwell Court5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Crestwood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Rockwell Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Crow Park Road (Industrial)2Eli Terry School
Ronda Drive3South Windsor High School
Daisy Lane3South Windsor High School
Rosemary Lane3South Windsor High School
Darlene Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Roy Road4Philip R. Smith School
Dart Hill Road4Philip R. Smith School
Rugby Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Davewell Road3South Windsor High School
Rustic Lane2Eli Terry School
Dawn Drive1Pleasant Valley School
Rye Street2Eli Terry School
Day Drive3South Windsor High School
Saddleback Drive2Eli Terry School
Debbie Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Saginaw Street3South Windsor High School
Deepwood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sally Drive3South Windsor High School
Deerfield Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sand Hill Road3South Windsor High School
Deming Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sandpiper Place3South Windsor High School
Devonshire Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Sandra Drive3South Windsor High School
Diane Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sandstone Drive3South Windsor High School
Diggins Court5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sawmill Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Dogwood Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Scantic Road2Eli Terry School
Doria Lane3South Windsor High School
Scantic Meadow Road2Eli Terry School
Dower Road2Eli Terry School
Schweir Road (Industrial)2Eli Terry School
Drake Court5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Scott Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Duck Cove3South Windsor High School
Sea Pave Road (Industrial)1Pleasant Valley School
Dzen Way3South Windsor High School
Sedgewick Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Eagle Run2Eli Terry School
Sele Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Edgewood Drive3South Windsor High School
Shadbush Lane3South Windsor High School
Elderberry Lane3South Windsor High School
Shagbark Road3South Windsor High School
Edith Road3South Windsor High School
Shares Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Edwin Road (Commercial)3South Windsor High School
Sharon Drive3South Windsor High School
Elizabeth Street3South Windsor High School
Shepard Way3South Windsor High School
Ellington Road (1-690)1Pleasant Valley School
Simcka Drive3South Windsor High School
Ellington Road (691-2680)3South Windsor High School
Sky Line Drive2Eli Terry School
Ellington Road (2681-end)4Philip R. Smith School
Slater Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Ellsworth Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Smith Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Elm Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
South Satellite Rd (Industrial)3South Windsor High School
Elmore Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Spielman Road1Pleasant Valley School
Evans Crossing4Philip R. Smith School
Spinners Run4Philip R. Smith School
Evergreen Lane3South Windsor High School
Spring Meadow Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Evergreen Way (Commercial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Spruce Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Fairview Drive4Philip R. Smith School
St Marc Circle1Pleasant Valley School
Farm Brook Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stanley Drive3South Windsor High School
Farmstead Drive2Eli Terry School
Stedman Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Farnham Road2Eli Terry School
Steep Road2Eli Terry School
Felt Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stephanie Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Ferry Lane2Eli Terry School
Stevens Road4Philip R. Smith School
Files Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stiles Court5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Fitch Meadow Lane3South Windsor High School
Stone Crossing4Philip R. Smith School
Flax Hill5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stonefield Trail2Eli Terry School
Foncine Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stonehaven Circle3South Windsor High School
Foster Road3South Windsor High School
Stonehenge Road3South Windsor High School
Foster Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Stoughton Drive2Eli Terry School
Foster Street Ext3South Windsor High School
Strawberry Lane3South Windsor High School
Fox Hill Road2Eli Terry School
Strong Road3South Windsor High School
Fox Meadow Lane2Eli Terry School
Sullivan Ave (1-1117)2Eli Terry School
Foxglove Lane3South Windsor High School
Sullivan Ave (1118-end)3South Windsor High School
Franks Way5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Summer Hill Drive3South Windsor High School
Frazer Fir Road2Eli Terry School
Summerwind Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
French Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Summerwood Lane (Pvt)3South Windsor High School
Gail Lane1Pleasant Valley School
Summit Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Garden Circle5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sunfield Drive3South Windsor High School
Gardenia Lane3South Windsor High School
Sunnyside Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Garnet Lane2Eli Terry School
Sunrise Lane3South Windsor High School
Gerber Road (Industrial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sunset Terrace3South Windsor High School
Gilbert Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Swan Nest3South Windsor High School
Glenwood Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sweet Meadow Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Gold Mine Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Sycamore Road3South Windsor High School
Good Hill Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Talbot Lane3South Windsor High School
Goose Nest3South Windsor High School
Talcott Ridge Road4Philip R. Smith School
Gordon Drive2Eli Terry School
Tamarack Avenue (Commercial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Gorski Drive3South Windsor High School
Tallwood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Governor'S Highway3South Windsor High School
Thomas Street2Eli Terry School
Grace Road3South Windsor High School
Thompson Circle5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Graham Road2Eli Terry School
Timber Trail5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Grandview Terrace5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Tomel Drive3South Windsor High School
Grant Road4Philip R. Smith School
Town Square (Commercial)3South Windsor High School
Gray Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Troy Road2Eli Terry School
Green Lane2Eli Terry School
Trumbull Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Greenfield Drive2Eli Terry School
Tudor Hill Road3South Windsor High School
Greenwood Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Tumblebrook Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Griffin Road2Eli Terry School
Tuttle Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Gulley Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Twin Circle Drive3South Windsor High School
Hanover Lane2Eli Terry School
Valley View Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Harvest Lane2Eli Terry School
Vibert Road *North3South Windsor High School
Hayes Road2Eli Terry School
Vibert Road *South1Pleasant Valley School
Haystack Lane2Eli Terry School
Victor Lane3South Windsor High School
Hazel Street3South Windsor High School
Victorian Woods Lane3South Windsor High School
Hearthstone Drive2Eli Terry School
Vincent Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Heatherwood Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Vintage Lane2Eli Terry School
Hemlock Avenue (Commercial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Virginia Circle3South Windsor High School
Henry Road2Eli Terry School
Vista View Drive3South Windsor High School
Heritage Drive3South Windsor High School
Walcott Green5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Herman Way2Eli Terry School
Wapping Avenue2Eli Terry School
Heron Nest3South Windsor High School
Watson Farm5Timothy Edwards Middle School
High Ridge Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Wedgewood Lane2Eli Terry School
High Street2Eli Terry School
Welles Lane4Philip R. Smith School
High Tower Drive2Eli Terry School
Wendy Drive2Eli Terry School
Highland Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Wentworth Drive2Eli Terry School
Highview Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Wentworth Park ( Commercial)5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Hillcrest5Timothy Edwards Middle School
West Road3South Windsor High School
Hillsdale Road3South Windsor High School
Wheeler Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Hillside Drive2Eli Terry School
Wild Rose Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Hilton Drive3South Windsor High School
Wildlife Trail3South Windsor High School
Hitchcock Way4Philip R. Smith School
Wildwood Circle2Eli Terry School
Hollis Road3South Windsor High School
Willow Street5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Homestead Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Windshire Drive3South Windsor High School
Honeysuckle Lane3South Windsor High School
Windsorville Road2Eli Terry School
Horizon Circle5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Windy Hill Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Howard'S Way2Eli Terry School
Woodcock Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Hunter Drive3South Windsor High School
Woodhaven Circle3South Windsor High School
Ident Road3South Windsor High School
Woodland Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Imperial Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Woodmar Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Indian Trail5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Woodside Drive3South Windsor High School
Ivy Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Wyndemere Court3South Windsor High School
Jacques Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Jared Court4Philip R. Smith School
Jean Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Jeffrey Drive (Industrial)1Pleasant Valley School
Jessica Drive4Philip R. Smith School
John Fitch Blvd (1-601)1Pleasant Valley School
John Fitch Blvd (1748-end)2Eli Terry School
John Fitch Blvd (602-1747)3South Windsor High School
Jonathan Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Joseph Lane2Eli Terry School
Judge Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Judy Lane3South Windsor High School
June Drive2Eli Terry School
Juniper Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Karen Way2Eli Terry School
Kasheta Lane3South Windsor High School
Kebalo Lane5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Kellog Circle4Philip R. Smith School
Kelly Road5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Kennedy Road (Commercial)2Eli Terry School
Kennison Court3South Windsor High School
Kent Lane4Philip R. Smith School
Kimberly Drive3South Windsor High School
King Street1Pleasant Valley School
Kingfisher Circle3South Windsor High School
Kingsley Drive4Philip R. Smith School
Krawski Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Kupchunos Drive5Timothy Edwards Middle School
Lake Street3South Windsor High School
Lakewood Drive3South Windsor High School
Larkspur Lane3South Windsor High School

District 1: Pleasant Valley School

District 2: Eli Terry School

District 3: South Windsor High School

District 4: Philip R. Smith School

District 5: Timothy Edwards Middle School